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Remote Viewing: A life investment that will serve you for a life time.

I. Beginners RV Modules 

I hope to see you move forward with your Remote Viewing education...
-Remote Viewing Institute Instructor

Testimony from  students:

I found the Beginner's Remote Viewing Workshop to be a fast-paced learning experience for the basics of Remote Viewing. I clocked about 4 hours of RV training, during which I advanced quickly through the structure and methods involved in viewing a target using my unconscious. I have had 8 hours of previous training with Vernon Mui, so my advancement might have been exponentially quicker than an absolute novice. I found Mr. Mui a more than competent instructor during my experiences with him as an RV trainer. Thank you.

-Andrew J.

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Hello crew, a new project has spawned by a good friend/viewer of mine and the cue has been approved by the major!

Direct Link Thread: http://www.rvcommunit...

We are not seeking more candidates/viewers because the team is at it's quantity. I am however emailing you, for those who want to give it a swag, for practice and comparison with the project's results. I will coach you through once you run the base session.

The Viewers Lineup:
Pael (myself)

TRN: [ 8188 / 4048 ]

  • I recommend that you enlist your trained skill to your highest at your level in order to absorb Major Dame's workshop May 28th, 2012! Always I see several folks attending the workshop lessons with little to no context, simply due to inexperience or lack thereof! This results to a waste of money, and even worse have less direction to apply those contextual understanding of Remote Viewing confidence to their work! For those unable to attend last month's Refinement course, this is your final opportunity to train prior to attending the Reno, Nevada's RV!

    ENROLLMENT BEGINS NOW! This course will solidify the RV skill into a rock-solid foundation, and prepares the student for using RV in a wide range of applications - against problems that could not be solved by any other means. The beginners workshop is a prerequisite! Click here for more information.

    One-on-one training is offered through


  • The group of students who attended today's Introduction to RV was a success! To sign up for Remote Viewing training, email!

  • Project Desert Sojourn is prepped for recon. Vernon will do daily Webcam blog during this mission.


  • A Meetup scheduled for a Friday night at 7pm at a location suitable for attendees west of ATL off I-285! RSVP NOW:

  • Learn Remote Viewing Meetup - RSVP Now - Duluth and Atlanta. (direct link)



  • Discussion Groups for August/September are being scheduled for topics 'less sugar coated' along with further lessons for meetup members. (link)
  • Georgia RV Locating Services are introduced (link)
  • Facebook's First Remote Viewing Project feedback reference photos and participant's sessions are now posted. (link)
  • A new published article on Associated Content titled, "Facebook's First Remote Viewing Project: PART 1 - The Overview  (link)


First Remote Viewing Chronos Project Feedback Material is available for viewing. (direct link)

Meetup dates for Atlanta, Macon, and Duluth coming soon for people who want to take the Familiarization course!


Initializing Team for Gold and Sanctuary Targets


Preparing for the Second Chronos Project on Facebook

Recommended Books link added to the webpage.

Below is a list of up coming meet ups for May 2010. Please check the site for detailed information.

Atlanta Meet Ups
June 5th

Macon Meet Ups

Duluth Meet Up
June 7th

Looking forward to see you there/meet again


Remote Viewing (RV) is in essence, Remote Perception. It is a scientifically developed and teachable skill that allows a person to use their own innate faculty of perception to download accurate data about any thing, place, or event in the present, past and future. Remote Viewing is a structured, controlled, and is an acquired disciplined to obtain direct knowledge.

The viewer is sitting at a desk with a black pen and a stack of ream paper and recording the information on paper in forms of words and sketches in a very structural way. For over twenty years, several tax-supported government agencies including the U.S. Army, Defense Intelligence Agency, and CIA funded $25 million scientific research program to develop the skill. It was proven to be so effective that the U.S. military used it in real-world operations.

What is taught by Vernon Mui is the Remote Perception skill, trained professionally and personally by operations and training officer of the USA Psi Spies unit, Major Ed Dames. This incorporates over 25 years of evolved post military operational empirical knowledge, which is refined to a reliable tool that anyone can learn. A trained RVer will get 80-90% accuracy. No creative license, astral projection, or artistic ability is involved in this RV process. Remote viewing provides only the facts about, by convention what we call, "the target".

"There's one statement that's true. Once you have that first experience where you realize that you can know anything, this will change your life. For a person who exposes themselves to the skill of Remote Viewing, they then have a binary decision: Am I satisfied with the idea just knowing that I can know anything and knowing that humans can do this, or do I wanna go beyond that-- do I want to develop this into a skill?"

- Experienced Remote Viewers

Please watch the following video, produced by some of Major Dames' students.

Tell Me What You See: Remote Viewing Cases from the World's Premier Psychic Spy - (info)
Inside the eye-opening life and work of the US military's former top paranormal spy.

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